Without telling the reason, the actress says in a new interview that she won't work with the director even though 'a lot of my favorite films are Woody Allen films.'

AceShowbiz - Jennifer Jason Leigh wouldn't work with Woody Allen even though he's made some of her all-time favourite films.

The 56-year-old actress has become hot property again in Hollywood after Quentin Tarantino cast her as his lead actress in his 2015 Oscar-winning Western saga "The Hateful Eight".

However, she says she'd have to say no if Woody, who has been accused of sexual assault by his adopted daughter Dylan Farrow, came calling about a film role.

"No. A lot of my favourite films are Woody Allen films, but I wouldn't work with him," she bluntly told The Guardian without elaborating on her reasons why.

During her chat with the newspaper, Jennifer spoke openly about the wave of sexual harassment, assault and even rape allegations that have rocked the film industry since an expose on Harvey Weinstein was published last year.

"I have countless stories," she sighed. "Not of rape, but of very uncomfortable and awkward situations. Directors keeping you in a meeting for four hours, then saying they wanted to have dinner and were hungry. You're forced into this situation where you want the job, but... it feels off.

"It's obviously not just the film business. It starts with the president of the United States. It's in every facet of society. People won't be able to get away with it. The status quo is changing like a hurricane."

"Pulp Fiction" helmer Quentin has also faced stories about his on-set behaviour, with his frequent collaborator Uma Thurman revealing he forced her to perform an unsafe car stunt for "Kill Bill", which resulted in her crashing, and Rose McGowan accusing him of masturbating over images of her.

However, Jennifer only has good things to say about the director.

"I love Quentin, so all I can tell you is that he loves and is so respectful of everyone that he works with," she stated. "When you get on the set, it feels like a family. He knew more about my career than I did – he was quoting things that I'd done for ever ago as if they were yesterday."

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