The 'Arrested Development' star reveals the taxi driver was looking down his phone, that's why he was late to hit the brakes.

AceShowbiz - Jason Bateman has urged people not to use phones while driving following a recent car accident he was involved in.

The actor and his "Arrested Development" co-star Will Arnett were riding in a taxi in New York on Monday, May 21 when their driver rear-ended a sedan in front of them, causing damage to both vehicles.

While no one was hurt in the incident, Jason shared during an appearance on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" on Wednesday night that it could have easily been avoided.

"His phone starts ringing, and it rings again. And I'm thinking, 'How does this guy not have vibrate?' And I'm thinking I hope this guy hits the vibrate or answers it or something. But he goes down, I guess to answer it after the fourth ring, and of course the moment he looks down, kids, the car in front stops," he recalled. "I'm in front, I see that car stop (in front), I see that he's fumbling for the phone, discovering the vibrate button, I guess, and I said, 'Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.'"

Jason went on to explain that the driver then looked up, but it was too late stop.

"At the moment he looks up, it's a little too late and he hits the brakes, we lock up and it slides in, kinda elegantly, into the back of an undercover cop," the 49-year-old sighed, adding that the collision caused the airbags to go off, giving Will a real fright.

"He was saying, 'Get out, get out, get out,' because he thinks it's on fire!" he laughed. "But it's just the dust from the airbags or whatever."

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