Nikki Bella Says Planning John Cena Wedding Was Emotionally Exhausting

The wrestling beauty, however, says that they have a '100 percent' chance of rebuilding their romance, adding, 'I definitely have hope, I really do.'

AceShowbiz - Wrestling beauty Nikki Bella called off her engagement to John Cena because she was "exhausted" at having sacrificed so much to stay in the relationship. The couple shocked fans by announcing its split last month, just weeks before John and Nikki were due to exchange vows.

Reports suggested their differing views on parenthood were to blame for the break-up, but in a candid chat on breakfast show Today on Monday, May 14, wrestler-turned-actor John insisted he had since changed his opposition to having children, and would do whatever it takes to win her back.

The "Total Bellas" reality star admitted she was left "speechless" by his public admission, and while she has hope for their future together, Nikki insists she just needs some time to heal herself.

Appearing on Today on Wednesday, May 16, Nikki explained she became wracked with nerves as the wedding neared, because she realised there were a number of deep-seated emotional issues they hadn't fully addressed.

"John is... absolutely an amazing man, he is such a sweetheart and I truly love him so much; he's my best friend," she began. "But I think a lot of us who go through the wedding planning process, we kind of have to... face all these issues that we have just hiding deep down inside, and I just know that a healthy me will be a healthy us."

"I do have hope for our future, but I know right now I need to work on me... before I do say those vows and walk down that aisle. I don't want to be hesitant, I don't want to be regretful," she added.

Asked if she thought they were "getting married too soon," Nikki replied, "Correct," before suggesting John's change of heart about starting a family came a little too late.

"I think when you sacrifice (your own relationship hopes) for so long, it's like, you can give so much, and then you get tired of giving and then (when) someone wants to give it back..., you already feel exhausted," she said.

But Nikki insists the former couple has a "100 percent" chance of rebuilding its romance, adding, "I definitely have hope, I really do."

John and Nikki began dating in late 2012, and became engaged at the Wrestlemania 33 event in April, 2017.

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