Russell Brand Gives Update on Mom's Condition After Car Crash

The 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' actor says on 'Loose Women' that his mom is 'doing amazing' following car crash that left her with 'numerous life-threatening injuries.'

AceShowbiz - Russell Brand's mom Barbara is making a "remarkable recovery" after being involved in a horrific car collision in April. The "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" actor canceled the rest of his comedy tour after Barbara's traffic accident, when a Vauxhall Astra crashed into the Audi A8 she was a passenger in.

He informed fans on social media that she had sustained "numerous life-threatening injuries", and he gave an update on her health during an appearance on U.K. show "Loose Women" on Wednesday, May 16.

"She's done amazing," he said. "She had a terrible, terrible car crash. Head-on collision, geezer in the other motor legged it [ran away], he's been pinched. She had terrible, terrible injuries. Broken back, broken neck, terrible abdominal injuries... but she's making a remarkable recovery due to her spirit and the incredible National Health Service and the people that work there who do such phenomenal work. It's unbelievable."

The 42-year-old, who has previously battled drug addiction, said he had a support network and recovery program to make sure he doesn't do anything "selfish and self-centred" while his mom is in hospital. He added, "In the past I think I may have had a tendency to be very, very self-centred."

During the interview, he also confirmed that he locked lips with Prince Harry's actress fiancee Meghan Markle for a scene in 2010 movie "Get Him to the Greek". "I don't remember the film that much, I think I planted one on her in the scene," he joked. "It was scripted in the scene. I only know this because I think I saw a clip of it somewhere. Meghan Markle, there we go. They should bring that up (at the wedding)... 'If anyone has any reason'...'Yeah, Russell Brand snogged her in the film!'"

At the conclusion of the chat, "Loose Women" host Andrea McLean had to apologize for Russell, as he dropped the word "b***dy" twice on the daytime talkshow.

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