Dominic Monaghan Files Police Report After Alleged Stalker Won't Stop Harassing Him

The stalker allegedly sent him 54 messages featuring disturbing poems, partially nude photos, links to porn sites and 'various sexually explicit messages.'

AceShowbiz - Dominic Monaghan has turned to Los Angeles police for help in tracking down an alleged stalker to stop her from harassing him online. The "Lord of the Rings" star already has a restraining order in place preventing Meredith McLarty from contacting him, but she has reportedly ignored the court ruling and has been bombarding him with unwanted emails.

According to TMZ, she sent him 54 messages between October 9 and November 7, 2017, with some featuring disturbing poems, and others containing partially nude photos, links to porn sites, and "various sexually explicit messages."

In one email, she allegedly fantasized about what she wanted to do to him, writing, "I could show up in New Zealand tomorrow and... I could rip off your clothes and f**k the British out of you and you couldn't use the restraining order against me because it's in L.A. County, not New Zealand."

The actor has since deactivated his public email account, but McLarty is said to have gotten hold of his home address, and sent an envelope to the property. Authorities have since obtained a search warrant to access her email and social media accounts in a bid to locate her.

Monaghan, 41, has been trying to escape McLarty since the early 2000s, and previously obtained another protective order against her in 2015. She was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport in September 2016 after violating the contact ban by reportedly sending him death threats.

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