T.J. Miller Is Granted Permission to Travel Internationally
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The 'Deadpool' actor was previously arrested after pulling a suspected bomb hoax back in March.

AceShowbiz - Actor and comedian T.J. Miller has been granted permission to travel internationally following his bomb hoax arrest. The "Deadpool" star was arrested last month at LaGuardia Airport in New York and subsequently booked for pulling a suspected bomb hoax in March, when he told federal authorities there was a woman wearing a scarf who had a "bomb in her bag" on an Amtrak train travelling from Washington, D.C. to New York.

Miller reportedly gave authorities the wrong train number, prompting them to stop and search a train in Connecticut, resulting in massive delays and wasted law enforcement efforts. Authorities subsequently determined the 36-year-old was allegedly intoxicated and he made the report after getting into a fight with the woman.

Miller was released on $100,000 bail and on Tuesday, May 8, a judge ruled he could leave the country, but he has to keep his travel plans under wraps, according to The Blast.

"Because defendant is a public figure, the Court concludes that disclosure of his specific flights plans would amount to an undue intrusion on his privacy," the ruling reads. "Accordingly, sealing of defendant's proposed travel itineraries serves a compelling reason and is narrowly tailored to serve this reason."

If convicted, Miller faces up to five years behind bars.

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