Michael B. Jordan Invites Fan to 'Creed II' Set After She Slid Into His DM

Sylvia Wilson shares footage of their meeting to social media and reveals the actor gave her and her friends hugs.

AceShowbiz - Michael B. Jordan stunned a female fan this week by inviting her to the set of his "Creed" sequel to grant her photo request. Temple University student Sylvia Wilson reached out to the "Black Panther" star with a message on Instagram after learning he was shooting scenes for "Creed 2" on the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania school's campus. And she couldn't believe her eyes when he actually replied and treated the 21-year-old and her pals to a set visit.

She has since shared pictures from the unexpected meet-and-greet on Twitter, captioning the post, "so I slid in his DM's, and then this happened." Sylvia explains she offered to buy him a smoothie in exchange for the photo opportunity, but he declined her kind gesture.

Recalling her surprise at the response from Jordan, she tells E! News, "I was like, 'Oh my goodness!' And just started freaking out. He was really nice about everything! He was like, 'Hey, you don't have to get me a smoothie just come and take pictures.' But my friends were going to take pictures as well and he was like, 'You guys can all come together as a group.' "

"He was really nice about it all," she continues. "We went in and he gave us all hugs and he took pictures with each and every one of us."

Sylvia's Twitter followers have since been bombarding her with comments and questions about the get-together, with some encouraging the good-looking pair to date. One even went as far as to ask if the set visit led to Sylvia sleeping with Jordan, but the student was quick to shut down the suggestion.

"LMAO (laughing my a** off) NO IT WAS JUST A PIC! I'm a child of God, you're trippen (sic)," she replied. However, she did offer up a few details about the actor, insisting the 31-year-old was just "AMAZING" in person and revealing he smelled like the "mahogany teakwood" fragrance from U.S. retailer Bath & Body Works.

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