Jaclyn Smith Sleeps Upright to Maintain Youthful Looks

The former 'Charlie's Angels' star started sleeping upright to help with her allergies, but later found out another benefit of it.

AceShowbiz - Former "Charlie's Angels" star Jaclyn Smith swears by sleeping upright to preserve her natural beauty. The veteran actress has been propping herself up with multiple pillows for years, after discovering it helped with her allergies, but Jaclyn soon realized it wasn't just her nasal passageway which benefited from the angled bed rest.

"I still have allergies and if I was (lying) flat (on her back), my nose would block, so I started sleeping on a slant," she explained on breakfast show "Megyn Kelly Today". "I really sleep with about three pillows, and my husband will come in and go, 'Are you asleep? Because you're sitting up!' and I am asleep."

"It's great for me to breathe right, but it's really good for your face, ladies, because when you're (sleeping on one side), your eyes get swollen... Try that slant, it's really good and it's good for your back, too, because your neck doesn't get in a crick," she continued.

Meanwhile, the 72-year-old relies on a cheap moisturising cleanser to open up her pores before taking a hot shower. "Every four days I do albolene cream, which you get at the drugstore, very inexpensive...," Jaclyn shared, "but albolene is... I don't even know what's in it, I just like it, and it just moisturises my face and the steam of the shower goes in and it sort of works like a facial."

The actress also has her own namesake skincare line, which includes an antioxidant she previously touted for helping to keep wrinkles to a minimum. "I'm a big believer in retinol at night," she told First For Women last year (2017). "It's the gold standard for anti-aging. It takes away brown spots, it diminishes pore size, it builds collagen and it sloughs off old skin. I use it every night before bedtime."

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