Justin Bieber Attaches His Face Onto Beyonce's Body in New Hilarious Photo

The Canadian heartthrob's best friend Patrick Schwarzenegger is impressed with the photo, which features Justin's faux sister Rachel, saying, 'Bruh set me up! Finally be brothers.'

AceShowbiz - Justin Bieber is not only handsome, but also funny. The "Despacito" hitmaker is introducing his faux sister named Rachel Bieber in a new hilarious Instagram picture, driving fans crazy.

The photo sees a blonde woman who strongly resembles the Canadian heartthrob, flaunting her curvy figure in a skin-tight black dress. "Y'all need to meet my sister Rachel Bieber," so he writes in the caption.

Sadly enough, the new Bieber is just a result of lackluster Photoshop skill. The "Sorry" hitmaker puts a cropped photo of his face onto Beyonce Knowles' sensational bod. The edit is not really good though, since it's so obvious that someone with a mediocre Photoshop skill does the job. But it's undoubtedly entertaining.

Fans quickly take to the comment section to share their thoughts over the photo. "Wow your sister has moustache too!" a fan jokes. "You're fuuuunny," another one simply says. Justin's best friend Patrick Schwarzenegger also joins in the fun as he comments, "Bruh set me up! Finally be brothers."

Y’all need to meet my sister Rachel Bieber

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The Biebz seemingly is having a lot of fun lately. In addition to Rachel Bieber, Justin introduces another alter-ego of his named Skylark Tylark. The "Love Yourself" hitmaker is seen posing alongside Bella Thorne while enjoying the night at Coachella in Indio, California.

Justin is looking casual in a beige T-shirt and white bottoms. He completes his look with a pair of sunglasses and a color-coordinated cap. Meanwhile, the "Famous in Love" star goes racy in a see-through, plunging red dress which offers a plenty look at her ample cleavage. Bella accessorizes herself with a slew of sparkling bracelets and a bohemian-inspired headpiece.

Meet SKYLARK TYLARK (my alter ego) FT @bellathorne

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A user writes in the comment section, "Yeeesss." Another fan also appears to approve Justin's alter-ego as s/he says, "DUDE THIS IS EVERYTHING WHAT." Meanwhile, a user talks about the rumor that Justin allegedly punched a guy who attacked her girlfriend during a party at the festival. The user writes, "He f***ed up a b**** who hit [his] gf. U clearly made my day Skilark @justinbieber."

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