Report: Angelina Jolie Collapses Following Meltdown Over Brad Pitt Dating Rumor
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The 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith' star allegedly 'flew into such a rage that she collapsed' after she hears the 'Allied' actor is dating MIT professor Neri Oxman.

AceShowbiz - It looks like Angelina Jolie is super upset over rumor of ex Brad Pitt dating famed architect Neri Oxman. The "Maleficent" actress is said to be "furious" to hear that her ex has found someone new following their separation back in 2014.

According to Star magazine (via, Angelina "flew into such a rage that she collapsed" after she hears the rumor. A source tells the site, "She was ranting one minute and then the next, she just sort of crumpled."

"Angie can't stand anyone who's smarter and prettier than her," the source reveals, before adding that the 42-year-old actress thinks it is absolutely "galling that Brad has managed to keep his connection Neri hush-hush for months." The source continues saying, "Angie is very jealous and competitive, and she wanted to be the first one to start a hot new relationship. If it turns out that Brad beat her to the punch, it could be humiliating."

In related news, Neri was recently spotted in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The MIT professor donned an all-black ensemble and a pair of oversized sunglasses that bore a strong resemblance to Angelina's style. At the end of the day, it seems like Brad is drawn to a certain type of woman. Though, Angelina reportedly believes that Neri "is not Brad's type, or at least doesn't fit into his group of ex's."

The "Allied" actor is reportedly head over heels for Neri, with his friends allegedly saying that he's been "light and carefee" after meeting the 42-year-old beauty through an MIT architecture project. "[He's] glowing around her. Design is her specialty, so it's not hard to see why Brad would be attracted to her," a close friend to the actor previously told Us Weekly.

"Neri is very passionate, extremely smart and talented woman. She is very extroverted, outgoing, vivacious and loving," the friend continued saying.

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