Azealia Banks Sobs About Rape in Drug-Induced Meltdown

The '212' hitmaker claimed she was raped by a man who pressured her into having sex, but later deleted her Instagram posts.

AceShowbiz - Outspoken rapper Azealia Banks has threatened to quit music over an alleged sexual assault. The "212" hitmaker's breakdown was captured on video by an unnamed third party, who posted the now-deleted footage on Azealia's Instagram account on Saturday night (April 14).

In the clips, a shaken Banks can be heard sobbing as she claimed she had been "low key" raped by a man who pressured her into having sex.

She goes on to blame herself, in part, and threatens to delete her social media accounts until she feels OK, according to TMZ. At no point in the footage does she name her alleged rapist or reveal where the incident took place and Banks never actually appears in the video, during which she can be heard asking someone to pick her up.

The video posts were later deleted from her account and she returned to social media on Sunday to reveal drugs were involved in her meltdown, but she felt a lot better and a concert planned for that night was still on. It's not clear where that show will be.

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