Tommy Wiseau Auditions to Be Joker in Bizarre Video

The actor, whose movie 'The Room' becomes the inspiration behind James Franco's 'The Disaster Artist', channels Batman's supervillain in the tape.

AceShowbiz - Tommy Wiseau apparently wants another chance at taking on a big role in Hollywood film. After gaining attention for being the subject of James Franco's critically-acclaimed film "The Disaster Artist", the star and director behind 2003's "The Room" auditions to be the Joker in a hilarious, yet bizarre, Nerdist video.

In the video, Wiseau sports the Joker makeup complete with the green hair. He says the Batman villain's signature lines from 2008's "The Dark Knight" like "What doesn't kill you makes you stranger," while channeling the iconic character's lunatic behavior.

He also says, "Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight? Did you? No. But I did. And I did like the devil." At one point, Wiseau's "Room" co-star Greg Sestero joins him onscreen and wears a Batman mask to play the Gotham hero. Sestero's Batman challenges him, but Wiseau's Joker says he wouldn't kill the Batman.

Based on his audition tape, it's suffice to say that Wiseau wouldn't land the role of the Joker in Warner Bros.' upcoming movie about the origin of the Clown Prince of Crime. Joaquin Phoenix has been rumored as a strong candidate to take the role, but he recently claimed that he's not aware of the project.

"What movie about a Joker?... I have no idea what you're talking about," he said when asked about the Joker casting rumor during an interview for his new movie "Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot". He did admit that it "sounds amazing," though.

Todd Philips ("The Hangover" trilogy, "War Dog") is on board to serve as the helmer, with filming reportedly set to start in a few months. Philips also co-writes the script with Oscar nominee Scott Silver, whose writing credits include "The Fighter" and "The Finest Hours".

Details of the upcoming stand-alone movie's plot are currently unknown, though the film is set in Gotham City in the early 1980s and has more of the look of a gritty crime drama than comic-book movie. It is also said that the film will be separate from the DC Extended Universe in an effort to create new and unique storylines.

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