Katie Holmes Hints at 'Dawson's Creek' Reunion

The Joey Potter depicter reveals that she meets the cast 'every now and then' before adding that 'we're all gonna get together soon.'

AceShowbiz - Are you ready for more of "Dawson's Creek"? %cKatie Holmes%, one of the original cast members of the fan-favorite series, stopped by "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" on Monday, March 5, on which she teased a very soon reunion with the other cast members of the series.

When asked about whether she met the cast "every now and then," the "Batman Begins" actress responded, "Every now and then, and we're all gonna get together soon."

"Hey, no way!" host %cJimmy Fallon% said, to which Katie answered, "Yap! So it'll be really exciting."

It arrived after Katie posted a throwback photo of herself, co-star %cJames Van Der Beek% and creator Kevin Williamson during the filming of The WB's series. "This was the pilot," Katie explained to Jimmy. "So, this is April of '97."

"We were babies, we were 18 when we started," the 39-year-old actress, who played Joey Potter on the series, shared. [%cMichelle Williams%] was 16 and it was such a great time."

Prior to this, James also took to his Instagram account to share an old photo of him and the show's cast members, including Katie, %cJoshua Jackson% and Michelle, in honor of its 20th anniversary. The 40-year-old captioned the adorable snap, "#tbt Squad '97. I'd known these people all of 7 days when this pic was taken. 20 years ago this week the little pilot we shot in that small town for that fledgling network aired, changed our lives and launched our careers."

He went on writing, "It's a funny relationship we have... your experience of this project is what you saw on camera, while my memories are mostly what I experienced off of it. And yes, it's true that I haven't seen most episodes (it became healthier at a certain point to just commit 100% on the day and let it go completely), but the beauty of this arrangement is that my impression of the show now is what you've all reflected back to me over the years... and it's been lovely to witness."

"So thank you to anyone who's ever expressed appreciation for the work we did - it makes me feel proud to be associated with these three fine people (and the rest of the cast), and proud to have been a part of #DawsonsCreek," he ended his post by giving a shout-out to the fans of the fan-favorite series. "This one will always have a special little place in my heart."

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