BTS' Jin Cuts His Own Bangs While Videotaping It - See the Result!

However his fringe looks like now, he deserves applause for having the courage to trim his hair himself, all while he holds his phone to videotape it.

AceShowbiz - BTS' (a.k.a. Bangtan Boys) Jin is surely a multitasking person. Having been widely recognized for his great singing and dancing skills as part of the boy group, the K-pop idol just showed that he didn't need a hairstylist to cut his own fringe as he has shared a video of him trying to cut his bangs.

And what's more impressive is that he gave himself a trim, all while videotaping it with his other hand. In the video which was posted on the group's official Twitter account, Jin stood in front of a bathroom sink with what appears to be kitchen scissors in one hand and his phone in another hand.

"I will be cutting my bangs because they're blocking my vision," he said in the video, before he started cutting his bangs. Looking a little nervous at first, he seemed content with the result as he said, "Oh, I can see well now. Oh, this is nice."

But after looking at himself in the mirror a little longer, he seemed to be unsure of his handiwork. "Huh? It's a little...," he said before the video abruptly ended, leaving fans wondering how his final look is.

Jin's initiative to solve the matter on his own does deserve applause, though it undeniably sent his fans screaming in anxiety.

"I've been screaming in my friend's ear while watching this on repeat. Why bean why," one commented on the video, adding, "You still adorable though." Another wrote, "this video put me on the edge."

Another quipped, "ok but if there's one thing I've learned in my life is to never cut my own bangs! Jin you're a savage." One A.R.M.Y. joked, "Let's all pray for jin! I don't even want to imagine what will happen when his hairstylist sees this!"

While waiting to see the final result of Jin's new haircut, fans can look forward to new music from another BTS member. It has been announced that the group's third rapper and lead dancer J-Hope will be releasing his solo mixtape, which title is yet to be announced, on March 2.

Previously, his groupmate Suga had released his own mixtape "Agust D" in August 2016 and it recently entered the top 10 of the U.S. iTunes album chart.

The group is also scheduled to release their third Japanese album titled "Face Yourself" on April 4. The album will include Japanese versions of all their singles, including "MIC Drop", "DNA" and "Go Go", alongside two new tracks.

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