Althea Eaton Got Arrested for Hitting Benzino in the Head

The former 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' star got the guts to knock Benzino, a musician and her ex, around the head in front of cops.

AceShowbiz - Former "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" star Althea Eaton just got arrested after an argument that turned physical with Benzino, an American hip-hop media executive and her ex-fiance. On Sunday night, February 18, the exes got into a confrontation and Althea requested Benzino to get out of her home in the San Fernando Valley, but the record producer did not act in accordance with her desire, which made her go mad. Police were then called to look at the conflict.

However, the problem didn't end there. After police arrived, Althea knocked the musician in the head right in front of the cops. Despite her claiming that she was threatened by the rapper and that she was restrained from asking for help out of it, she was nailed for the crime. The police set her bail at $20k and she was bailed out on early Monday morning, TMZ reports.

Althea and Benzino have been dating on and off for years. Their relationship has been like cat and dog since the beginning. The source of conflict in this relationship involves Benzino's cheating, his aggression and his suing over paternity of their child.

It's not the first time the actress who starred on "By Any Means" TV series got arrested. She had been busted before due to a short argument with the same man. Althea had previously filed a petition for a temporary protective order against her ex, claiming she was held against her will and was stalked by him which made her very insecure in her position as a star who has huge mobility and a mother who is supposed to keep her child safe. She was granted restraining order by judges which forced Benzino to stay 500 yards away from the actress. She was also granted primary custody of their child and temporary support, in addition to the order that she was not allowed to be in contact with Benzino. After the hearing, Althea confronted Benzino outside the court which immediately got her arrested.

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