Missing an Ex? Yoona Cries While Listening to Sad Love Song on 'Hyori's Homestay 2'

The Girls' Generation member begins to tear up as she listens to Son Sung Jae's song 'Goodbye' that Lee Hyori recommends to her.

AceShowbiz - As expected, the cameras captured some candid moments with Yoona during her appearance on "Hyori's Homestay 2". The singer/actress got emotional while listening to a sad love song in the February 18 episode of the reality series.

After listening to a song that Yoona wrote, Lee Hyori recommended to the 27-year-old idol a song called "Goodbye" by Son Sung Jae. The lyrics talk about someone who has to leave but is not able to say goodbye to a loved one.

Yoona began to tear up as she listened to the song. Lee Hyori comforted her, saying, "Singers normally have a lot of emotions so they cry when listening to music." Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon then gave her some time alone. Yoona went outside looking at the snow-covered field while recovering herself.

Lee Hyori also played a song called "When the Wind Blows" which Yoona released last year and wrote the lyrics. Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon praised her for her voice and lyrics. As the song talks about recalling the days spent with a devoted lover, Lee Hyori began sharing her own dating experience.

"Back in those days, I'd call my boyfriend when I got drunk and didn't know where I was," she shared. "Then I'd just hang up. And he'd keep calling me back, telling me to look around me for landmarks and asking who I was with. Sometimes it was because I really was drunk, and sometimes I just liked having someone come find me."

She continued, "But I've never done that with [Lee Sang Soon]. For some reason, I never wanted to make him worry like that. Maybe it was because he was the one I wanted to marry?" Her husband replied, "It's because we were always together anyway."

In another part of the episode, when sitting down with guests at the B&B, Yoona opened up about her worries. "I can do a lot of things but I don't have anything that I'm outstandingly talented at," one of the guests said.

Yoona said she felt the same. When Lee Hyori pointed out that the Girls' Generation member is known for her beauty, she said, "[I feel lacking] when it comes to talent. When it comes to things I can do, I don't have any outstanding skills."

Lee Hyori said she could relate to her. "In our team [Fin.K.L.], Ock Joo Hyun was the one who had an outstanding voice," she said. "I worried about the same thing as you then." She added jokingly, "But I was No. 1 at being funny."

She then shared some advice, "I think [it's better] to not think that you have to be outstanding in something because you can get stressed. It's possible that people who are lacking compared to you and think the same thing that you're especially talented but because we keep looking upward [and comparing]."

The second season of "Hyori's Homestay" airs on Sundays, at 9 P.M. KST on JTBC.

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