Katie Price Under Investigation for Alleged Revenge Porn Against Ex-Husband Alex Reid

The 39-year-old television personality is being investigated by police after sharing a clip of Reid performing lewd act with a sex toy to a live studio audience.

AceShowbiz - It seems Katie Price is going to appear in court. It has been reported that the 39-year-old television personality is being investigated by police after sharing a sex tape of ex-husband Alex Reid to a live studio audience.

The Sun was the first one to break the news, reporting that Price had been "drunk and giggling" as she aired the clip, which showed the mixed martial artist performing a lewd act with a sex toy in a corset and fishnets. The publication stated that the incident happened while she was taking a break from filming "Celebrity Big Brother".

"She had asked us if we wanted to see it, and none of us replied," one witness shared. "We all watched it, but we didn't react. No one was laughing or cheering her on or anything like that. We didn't want to encourage her."

It remains unknown if the incident was reported by Reid or an audience member on the show. But police said, "Inquiries are ongoing and it would be inappropriate to comment."

Reps for Price declined to comment on the claim, while reps for Reid have yet to respond to the report.

The report came after Price admitted in an interview last year that she had "disgusting" and "disturbing" footage of Reid. However, she vowed that she would never show it to public. "When I've split up with exes, they've gone on a rampage, slagging me off," she said at the time. "The only way I get retaliation is I do books, but I don't slag them off. I tell the truth."

"Now, with Alex for example, the amount of stories he's done on me, but he forgets what videos and pictures I have of him. All my friends have seen them, but not once have I ever put them out," she continued. "One, it would disturb everyone to the grave and number two, they're not flattering, they're disgusting. You look at them and you're disgusted."

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