Grammys President Neil Portnow on Controversial 'Step Up' Comment: It's Taken Out of Context

Portnow says in a statement that his 'step up' remarks 'do not convey my beliefs and the point I was trying to make' as it is taken out of context.

AceShowbiz - After receiving backlash over his controversial comment on women in music, Grammys president Neil Portnow has released a statement in response to the backlash. In the statement, Portnow explained that his "step up" comment was "taken out of context."

He said that the words "do not convey my beliefs and the point I was trying to make" because it was taken out of context. Portnow continued, "Our industry must recognize that women who dream of careers in music face barriers that men have never faced. We must actively work to eliminate these barriers and encourage women to live their dreams and express their passion and creativity through music. We must welcome, mentor and empower them."

Concluding his statement, Portnow expressed regrets that he wasn't "as articulate as I should've been in conveying this thought. I remain committed to doing everything I can to make our music community a better, safer and more representative place for everyone."

The controversy first started when Portnow was asked about the lack of female winners at the 60th annual Grammy Awards. He answered, "[They need] to step up because I think they would be welcome." His remarks, of course, didn't sit too well with many female musicians such as %cPink%, %cKaty Perry% and %cHalsey%.

Pink shared on Twitter a handwritten note in response to Portnow's initial remarks, saying that women in music "don't need to 'step up.' " She added, "Women have been stepping up since the beginning of time. Stepping up, and also stepping aside, women OWNED music this year. They've been KILLING IT. And every year before this."

Replying to Pink's tweet, Perry wrote, "Another powerful woman, leading by example. We ALL have a responsibility to call out the absurd lack of equality everywhere we see it. I'm proud of ALL the women making incredible art in the face of continual resistance."

Halsey, on the other hand, expressed her outrage in a series of tweets. "I strongly back the disagreement with the way that the Academy approaches things but please remember the Grammys are voted by a 'jury of peers' which means other artists and producers and writers select the nominees," she tweeted.

The New Jersey-born songstress went on saying that Portnow's comment was "absurd" because female musicians "came HARD in 2017." She concluded her lengthy rant by hoping to "see justice and fairness and ONE woman winning a televised is bulls**t."

Meanwhile, %cCharli XCX% slammed the president by saying that women "are making AMAZING music right now wtf is this dude talking about ?????"

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