Wanna One's Park Ji Hoon and Park Woo Jin Apologize for Controversial Hair-Pulling Video

The Wanna One members explain that they 'usually joke around roughly with each other' because they are same-aged friends.

AceShowbiz - Wanna One's Park Ji Hoon and Park Woo Jin have apologized to the fans for the recent controversial hair-pulling video. The video in question caused outrage on social media as it showed Woo Jin pulling Ji Hoon's hair to guide him to a seat on an airplane. However, YMC Entertainment has responded that it was simply a playful gesture between the two members.

Following the clarification, both Ji Hoon and Woo Jin posted on the group's official fan cafe apology messages. Ji Hoon wrote that both of them "tend to play around a bit rough" because they are same-aged friends. "I didn't know that playfulness would become a big deal like this," he said.

The runner up of "Produce 101" season 2 went on revealing that after what happened in the video, Woo Jin "tidied my hair and we chatted as boarded the plane without problem." He continued, "I was not upset when Woo Jin played around, and of course it didn't hurt nor was I offended. We have no problem as friends and we're doing well."

Ji Hoon concluded his message by saying that fans should not be worried and that he would be "more careful from now on to show a good image, and not to worry so many people."

On the other hand, Woo Jin wrote, "I'm sincerely sorry that I acted in a way that would cause so much worry in a public space." Similar to what Ji Hoon said in his message, the rapper of Wanna One explained that they "usually joke around roughly with each other, and I think that made people who saw it uncomfortable."

"I'll behave more carefully, so this sort of thing doesn't become an issue. I'll also try harder to show you a good image," so he concluded his post.

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