Scott Disick Super Jealous When Sofia Richie Ran Into Former Fling Lewis Hamilton

The restaurateur reportedly made an immediate exit after he saw his girlfriend talking to the F1 racer at a New Year's Eve party in Aspen, Colorado.

AceShowbiz - Scott Disick and Sofia Richie reportedly had an intense New Year's Eve and it wasn't for a good reason. Kourtney Kardashian's baby daddy was said losing his temper for a bit when his girlfriend ran into her former fling Lewis Hamilton at a New Year's Eve party in Aspen, Colorado.

A source tells New York Post's Page Six that Scott and his crew had been "party hopping" over NYE and didn't realize that Lewis would be at the same party. The Formula One driver was playing a billiards game with "Greasy Bear" oil heir Brandon Davis when Scott saw his model girlfriend and the British stud chatting.

"Sofia started talking to Lewis during the [pool] game," says the source, adding, "When Scott saw them talking, he went ballistic, crazy. He was very jealous. He insisted they leave the party immediately."

A rep for Lewis insists "there was no jealousy, no fight, and no issue" during his encounter with Sofia at the party. "As Ms. Richie has herself confirmed, there was a perfectly friendly, polite exchange and any claim to the contrary is simply false," the lawyer claims.

However, another source shares a similar story to the report told by Page Six's source. "Scott got frustrated that they ran into Lewis over the weekend, and that it was unexpected," the second source tells E! News. "He doesn't like surprises and reacts aggressively in situations like that. This isn't the first time that Scott has lost it for a minute."

Having dated Scott for several months now, Sofia "knows how to handle him" and was able to "calm him down." The source explains, "Everything is fine between the two now. They will get in small fights and are over it within a few minutes. Sofia is definitely a good match for him because she understands him and puts up with his behavior in moments like this."

Another source tells the site, "Scott gets insanely jealous of all kinds of things and has trouble controlling his emotions. He overreacted and got upset over Sofia saying hello to Lewis. He had no problem letting Sofia know he didn't like it. She handled it very maturely and tried to respect his feelings. She knows how to deal with Scott and diffused the situation."

The source adds that "things are going well with Sofia and Scott" now despite the insane jealousy. The so-called insider shares, "She is really happy with him. They have little tiffs and moments of bickering, but overall things are great at the moment."

Prior to dating Scott, Sofia was reportedly close with Lewis from around January to May. A source, however, says they were "never a couple" and they just "liked spending time together." The source adds, "[They] were never exclusive. Lewis thought she was a cool girl. Lewis and Sofia are still good friends. They are all adults."

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