Journalist Receives Backlash for Sparking Rumors About Big Bang's Separation

The journalist, whose name is Kim Yena, reports that the five-piece will likely disband due to multiple factors, including the members' military enlistment and Taeyang's upcoming nuptials.

AceShowbiz - A South Korean journalist is coming under fire after sparking rumors that Big Bang is facing difficulties in staying together. The journalist, whose name is Kim Yena, shares that the veteran boyband is slowly stepping towards separation due to multiple factors, such as the members' military enlistment and Taeyang's upcoming nuptials.

She goes on saying that the separation would likely happen as G-Dragon and Seungri are focusing heavily on their business. While the Big Bang leader recently purchased a building for his fashion store, Seungri has been frequently posting on social media about his ramen restaurant.

As for Daesung and Taeyang, according to Yena, the two are planning to focus on their individual promotions. Meanwhile, T.O.P is expected to remain on hiatus for the next several years due to the harsh criticism following his marijuana controversy. It makes it difficult for the members to get together.

Reading her article, many Big Bang fans criticize her for sparking negative rumors about the group and say that Big Bang will never split. "As expected this is written by Kim Yena. Why don't you continue praising SM and stop bullying YG? What's up with the nonsense about Big Bang being doomed and disbanding?" a fan comments.

Another similarly writes, "If you look at Kim Yena's articles she disses YG and keeps quiet about SM." One other says, "Who are you to say Big Bang is disbanding? Are you out of your mind?" Another comments, "Yep, Big Bang isn't disbanding."

Earlier this week, it was confirmed that G-Dragon and Taeyang are set to enlist in military in the first half of 2018. Following the announcement, Daesung revealed that he wasn't "sad about the members' enlistment at all. It's because we're so thankful when we think about the love you've given us so far."

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