Miss A Disbands After 7 Years

The group's label, JYP Entertainment, announces their disbandment by simply stating, 'Our label girl group Miss A has disbanded.'

AceShowbiz - Miss A has officially disbanded after seven years. The four-piece girl group's label, JYP Entertainment, announced on Wednesday, December 27 their disbandment by simply stating, "Our label girl group Miss A has disbanded."

The news of the disbandment didn't come as a surprise for fans as Jia and Min had left JYP Entertainment before the announcement was made. "It's really not that shocking. I knew since a long time ago, let's just hope they do well individually in the future," a fan wrote. Another echoed the remarks, "Even I knew this gonna happen, I'm still bitter about that. I wish you all the best in the world."

Meanwhile, other former members, Fei and Suzy, have renewed their contracts with the label. While Fei renewed her contract in May last year, Suzy renewed hers in August.

Miss A debuted in July 2010 with "Bad Girls Good Girls". Coming from one of the three biggest entertainment labels in South Korea, the group quickly rose to fame, becoming the fastest girl group to top music shows' charts. Miss A continued to release hits like "Good Bye Baby", "Touch" and "Hush".

In 2016, JYP Entertainment announced that Jia had officially left the group. Following the Chinese member's departure from the group, there were rumors going around saying that the group would disband. However, the label quickly shut down the rumors by issuing a statement. "It is only Jia leaving the group. Miss A will not disband," so the statement read. "While there aren't any plans for an album or comeback activities for some time, the three members will focus on individual activities."

In the following year, Min left the group as she decided not to renew her contract with the label. Contrary to last year's statement, the label stated that "there is nothing decided as of now on Miss A's future promotions" following Min's departure.

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