Madonna Hints at New Tour in 2018: 'I'm Coming Back, Baby'

The 'Like a Prayer' songstress teases the new tour when she makes an appearance on 'Live with Kelly and Ryan'.

AceShowbiz - Rejoice, Madonna fans! The diva will be back on the road soon. Madonna stopped by "Live with Kelly and Ryan" on Friday, December 8 for a casual interview about her family and career. She also joined the two hosts in a game called "Sketching With the Stars" and brought out her pal Anderson Cooper to be her partner.

Stalling the game, Cooper asked the "Like a Prayer" songstress when she would be back on the road. "I want to know, when are you going back on tour?" he asked, to which Madonna responded, "Soon!" She explained further, "I gotta get my show together. 2017 was soccer mom in Portugal. 2018... I'm coming back, baby. I'm coming for you!"

Also at the show, the singer talked about the preparation that she had to work on before going on a tour. "It's like putting on a Broadway musical that is then going to tour the world," she shared, adding that she had to plan every aspect of it. "From the music to the visuals and design the stage."

"But then I have to physically prepare myself for it, which requires a lot of different exercises and workouts, depending on what I do in the show," she continued. "I get my stamina up." The Michigan native then went on saying that she usually warms up for 20 minutes before hitting the stage, calling it "ridiculous."

"I warm up. The warm-up usually last about 20 minutes. It's ridiculous because I do my sound check, which is exhausting and drives everyone crazy," she detailed, adding that it made her have to get oxygen treatment. "Then I leave, and I get my oxygen treatment, and I usually have my cranial guide do something or my physical therapist adjust something, [like] tape my ankles. Something's always wrong."

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