Rick and Jadis Join Forces in 'The Walking Dead' 8.08 Intense Preview

Elsewhere in the preview for the midseason finale, someone is seen lurking in the darkness behind a big truck.

AceShowbiz - "The Walking Dead" season 8 will air its midseason finale next week. Judging from a preview for episode 8 of season 8, the episode seemingly will offer an action-packed, dramatic episode with Rick and Jadis joining forces to fight against the Saviors.

The preview for the episode, titled "How It's Gotta Be", opens with a scene featuring fully-armed Rick and Jadis leading a pack of The Scavengers. However, things won't be easy for them as the video shows that there is a gunfire upon Rick and The Scavengers. "We have to be ready," Jadis says.

Meanwhile, Daryl tells Michonne that their plan works, suggesting that they now can force a surrender. Maggie and the people of The Hilltop make their way down the road in the middle of the night, until they shockingly finds a tree blocks their path. Someone is also seen lurking in the darkness behind a big truck.

Elsewhere in the preview, Carol is running toward someone while Tara, Michonne, Rosita and Daryl are in an intense gunfight with unknown target. The video ends with Carl telling someone, presumably Michonne, "All we need to do is to survive tonight." The final episode before the hit AMC show go for the big midseason break is poised to set the tone for the rest of the episodes of current season 8 of the zombie apocalypse series.

A newly-released sneak peak, meanwhile, gives a better look at Maggie and Jesus during the convoy. "Do you think they will surrender?" Jesus asks Maggie, to which she responds, "They will, eventually." Things later turn awry with Maggie looking tensed while staring at something ahead on the road.

Episode 8 of "The Walking Dead" season 8 airs on Sunday, December 10 at 9 P.M. on AMC.

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