Justin Bieber Is Your Imaginary Boyfriend in German T-Mobile Ad

At one point, the Canadian singer adorably sits criss-cross before a young girl in the library and tries his best to get her attention as he sings, 'Can we be friends?'

AceShowbiz - What is it like having Justin Bieber as your boyfriend? Judging by the newly-released German T-Mobile ad, it seems like the Canadian heartthrob is the sweetest boyfriend ever. Singing his catchy collaboration song with Bloodbop, "Friends", the "Sorry" hitmaker is not afraid to show his love to a girl in the almost 3-minute video.

Justin is seen following the girl, who is religiously listening to the music through her earbuds, in every single place she goes. As soon as the girl plays "Friends" on her T-Mobile phone, Justin appears riding a bus together with the girl as he serenades her with his sweet voice.

He later sits beside her at a swanky restaurant with, presumably, her parents for a dinner. She looks like she's too immersed in the music that her dad asks her to take out her earbuds. Obviously, she ignores it as a scene of her getting cozy with imaginary Justin flickers on the screen.

The cute pair are later seen in the library. Justin adorably sits criss-cross before her and tries his best to get her attention as she's reading a book. "Can we be friends?" Justin sings. Donning an orange padded jacket, Justin and the girl are seen sitting on a stoop with snow falling down around them. Justin shows his beautiful girl his moonwalk skills as he keeps busting out some dance moves while the girl window-shops.

The cute video definitely drives Beliebers crazy as one fan gushes over the "Love Yourself" hitmaker, "most gorgeous human being." Another fan writes, "he looks like the softest ball i've ever seen he is a sugar plum wrapped in cotton candy i‘m weak for this human being-."

This is not the first collaboration Justin has with the mobile telecommunication company. Back in February, Justin starred in the company's commercial for Super Bowl. Donning a suit, the singer, who acts as a celebration expert, showed off his cute dance moves.

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