'The Walking Dead': Negan's Backstory Is Finally Revealed

Meanwhile, next week's episode 6, titled 'The King, The Widow, And Rick.', teases Rick's return to the Scavengers.

AceShowbiz - It takes eight seasons to finally get the backstory of Negan, the big bad on AMC's "The Walking Dead". In Sunday, November 19 episode of the zombie apocalypse series, viewers learned about the Saviors leader's life pre-apocalypse as he gave his confession to Father Gabriel, with whom he's trapped inside a trailer.

[SPOILER ALERT!] Negan told Gabriel that before the apocalypse, he worked with kids. "You don't show them the way, they turn into garbage," he revealed. "The little a**holes become great big ones. So you show them the way. And adults, they need it too. People are weak."

Though he didn't elaborate more about his work, it seemed like the TV series mirrored the comic book source material, especially the "Here's Negan" spin-off. In the comics, it was revealed that Negan used to work as a high school gym teacher.

The viewers also got to learn about Negan's "real life." When Gabriel asked if there was a pre-apocalypse spouse, Negan could be seen tensing up. "Lucille, give me strength," Negan said while looking at his bat. "My first wife was a real wife. My only real wife," he opened up. "Till death did us part. It was before this. I lied to her. I screwed around on her. She was sick and when she went, when she went it was during this. I couldn't put her down. That is how I was weak. That is what I will confess."

In the comics, Negan's first wife was diagnosed with cancer. Right when the zombie apocalypse began, she was eventually hospitalized. Negan barricaded himself in her room as everything turned into a chaotic mess in the streets and hallways outside. But his wife then died and Negan left her there, asking a stranger to finish her off since he couldn't bring himself to do so. And yes, his wife's name was Lucille.

As for how he formed the Saviors, it was also briefly mentioned in the recent episode, titled "The Big Scary U". "The last guy who was in charge, he wasn't in charge of s**t. He allowed people to be weak. I don't. I make them strong, which makes this world strong," he told the priest at one point.

Negan met some various people, in the comics, and one of them carried a bat which later he obtained and made it his signature weapon after the owner was bitten. He later was approached by Dwight in the woods and was invited to the camp Dwight led. Shortly after, Negan transformed himself into a decision-maker in the group. It remains to be seen if Negan talked about Dwight when he said about the "last guy in charge." AMC might follow the comics, but it's also possible that they created a different backstory for its TV adaptation.

A promo for the upcoming episode, titled "The King, The Widow, And Rick.", teases Rick's return to the Scavengers. He tried to recruit them to help out the Survivors. He told Jadis that he wanted "a deal," or less, "we destroy you." Meanwhile, Carl is outside in the woods, all by himself. He is seen battling a couple of walkers.

Episode 6 of "The Walking Dead" season 8 airs on Sunday, November 26 at 9 P.M. on AMC.

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