Wanna One Premieres Movie Version of Music Video for Comeback Song 'Beautiful'

Compared to the music video for the group's debut track, 'Energetic', the clip for 'Beautiful' showcases the members' acting skill.

AceShowbiz - Wanna One is back. On Monday, November 13, the group released their second studio album "1-1=0 (Nothing Without You)" along with movie version of music video for lead track "Beautiful". The splendid clip sees the boys showcasing their acting skill.

The 8-minute short movie depicts member Ong Seong Woo and Kang Daniel as brothers who are separated since childhood. After searching for one another for a long time, they finally meet each other again by chance.

Since the release of the clip, Wanna One's fans, known as Wannable, can't stop gushing about it. However, there are some fans who are upset that their favorite members don't have enough screen time, leading them to criticize the clip's helmer, Yong Yi, on his Instagram account, which soon is set to private.

The director eventually apologized to fans by saying, "Sorry. I tried to [put them all evenly], but I was lacking and couldn't get the other members well. However, I was really touched by the members doing their best even though they had little parts. If I get a chance next time, I will try to include the other members' charm and efforts well."

Ahead of the release of both album and music video, Wanna One, who was formed through "Produce 101" season 2, held a press conference for their comeback. During the event, the members shared details of their new effort, saying that it is the prequel of their debut album, "1x1=1 (To Be One)".

"The album is the prequel of the debut album, which contains our stories before the debut," member Hwang Min Hyun stated. "While the debut album showed the energetic and passionate sides of the group, the latest one conveys apprehension about an uncertain future as well as aspiration they had as trainees just month before and 'hopes for beautiful days ahead.' "

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