Lee Kwang Soo Breaks His Phone While Dancing With Red Velvet's Joy on 'Running Man'

Too excited, the 'Running Man' regular cast member doesn't realize that his phone falls off his pants and he accidentally steps on it.

AceShowbiz - Bad luck continues to strike %cLee Kwang Soo% on "Running Man". The 32-year-old actor, who earns his nickname "Giraffe" from his co-stars because of his tall and lean physical appearance, accidentally broke his phone while filming the latest episode of the SBS variety show.

The November 12 episode featured %cSuper Junior%'s members %cLeeteuk%, %cEunhyuk%, %cLee Donghae% and %cYesung%, as well as %cRed Velvet%'s %cIrene% and %cJoy% as guest stars. The cast and the special guests decided to warm up by dancing ahead of the main game. That was when the disaster happened.

When %cBadkidz%'s "Ear Attack" came on, Joy stepped forward and showed her best dance moves. She joined Eunhyuk, who was already there, and did the "fake slap dance" that went viral in Korea. Others like Leeteuk, Donghae and Kwang Soo also lined up to get a "slap" from her.

Kwang Soo then joined Joy on the center stage to continue dancing to the catchy song. Too excited, he didn't realize that his phone slipped out of his pants' pocket and fell to the floor. He stepped on it twice while jumping, making its screen break with an audible crack.

When his co-star %cYoo Jae Seok% picked it up for him it was already too late. Kwang So could only stare at the broken phone in despair. "You can't even get mad at anyone else for that," Jae Seok commented. Flustered by his misfortune, Kwang Soo could only say, "Right now, I just feel like running to the nearest cellphone kiosk," prompting others to laugh.

Super Junior appeared on "Running Man" to promote their 8th studio album "Play", which was released on November 6. As for Red Velvet, the four-member girl group will release their second studio album "Perfect Velvet" on November 17.

"Running Man" airs Sundays at 4:50 P.M. KST on SBS. All eight cast members of the show recently flew to Australia to fulfill their punishments. "The members will be divided based on either punishments at Australia's Cage of Death or New Zealand's Nevis Swing," the show's staff said on Sunday. Lee Kwang Soo had selected Yoo Jae Soek as his partner for the Cage of Death punishment, while %cHaha% and %cYang Se Hyung% will go on the Nevis Swing as their punishment.

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