First Look at Samuel L. Jackson as Older Elijah Price on 'Glass' Set

A batch of set photos reveal first glimpse of Samuel L. Jackson, who is all suited up in purple metallic trench coat, on set of M. Night Shyamalan's 'Glass'.

AceShowbiz - The first batch of photos of "Glass" surfaced online, revealing Samuel L. Jackson on the set of the "Split" sequel. Jackson was seen dressing in character as eccentric comic book collector who became an arch-villain Elijah Price a.k.a. Mr. Glass. The Oscar nominee was spotted on a wheelchair, wearing a purple metallic trench coat outside Allentown State Hospital, Pennsylvania, on Tuesday, November 7.

In Shyamalan's 2000 superhero origin flick "Unbreakable", Elijah Price, who has a brittle bone disease, was sent to an institution for the criminally insane after orchestrating three acts of terrorism. The photos, however, showed that Price still looked like his younger version with graying hair and beard. His fashion sense and fondness of purple overcoat also hasn't changed.

Meanwhile, "Split" actor James McAvoy was spotted shirtless on the set of "Glass" on Wednesday, November 8. The Scottish actor reprises his role as Kevin Wendell Crumb a.k.a. The Horde and his character's other personalities, including one called The Beast. McAvoy was seen with co-star Anya Taylor-Joy and Shyamalan.

Shyamalan's "Unbreakable" was considered one of his best films and it was a financial success. The film became a cult classic and up until now, it has a steady fan base. Because the film's sequel was postponed for quite some time, fans were thrilled when the director revealed that "Split" was actually set in the same world as "Unbreakable".

Bruce Willis, the lead from "Unbreakable", will return as security guard who turned superhuman, David Dunn. Charlayne Woodard will be back as Elijah's mother and Sarah Paulson will play a mysterious character in the film.

"Glass", which is set for a January 18, 2019 release in the United States, will be the final film of Shyamalan's original trilogy. After most of his films' major flops, the success of his trilogy may be a way to regain control of his career in the film industry.

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