Keith Urban Debuts Harvey Weinstein-Inspired Song 'Female'

The country music crooner is secheduled to sing the new song at the upcoming 51st annual Country Music Association Awards.

AceShowbiz - Keith Urban has just released a new song called "Female". Inspired by Harvey Weinstein scandal, the country music crooner dedicates the track to sexual assault survivors. He is expected to perform the song on stage for the very first time at the 51st annual Country Music Association (CMA) Awards on November 8 at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville.

"From the second I heard it I loved it and started figuring out how fast we could get into the studio to record it," the father of two said. "It just spoke to me as a father and a husband and a son. The song really touched me for women of all ages and all walks of life. 'Female' is such a great title and the right song to write."

There's a subtle reference to Beyonce knowles' women emporement single in the song: "When you hear a song that they play sayin' you run the world, do you believe it?" However, Urban's favorite lines are: "When somebody laughs and implies that she asked for it /Just cause she was wearing a skirt /Oh is that how that works?"

"The writers wrote this song on October 10th and I heard it the next day," the 50-year-old singer told Rolling Stone. The husband of Nicole Kidman commented on the lyrics, "It's extraordinary songwriting. It's tricky to not just be out on a soap box."

"I got to hear it fresh out of the oven," he added, "and it was instant love for me. I know all three of [the writers] and I think obviously the tone of times right now was weighing on all of them, and compelled them to write this song. It affected me not just as a husband but also as a father of two young girls, and a son. I had a heart reaction - my first thought was that it was a gospel soul prayer mantra, all rolled into one."

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