'Game of Thrones' Season 8: Character's Return Hints That the Night's Watch Hasn't Ended

Ben Crompton, who portrays Dolorous Edd, reveals his character will return for the eighth and final season of HBO's popular series, meaning that the Night's Watch isn't off duty just yet.

AceShowbiz - The Night's Watch isn't off duty just yet, [SPOILER ALERT!] despite season 7 finale of "Game of Thrones" which saw the Wall crumbling down, allowing the Night King and his undead army to march into Westeros. Actor Ben Crompton, who plays Eddison Tollett (a.k.a. Dolorous Edd), revealed in a recent interview that his character would return for the eighth and final season of HBO's popular series.

"Eastwatch has been penetrated, that's the one by the sea, so Eastwatch is broken…Edd is manning Castle Black," the new Lord Commander depicter revealed in the interview with Chronicle Live. The actor referenced the epic season 7 finale in which undead Viserion breathed a blue fire towards the Wall and it took no time for the Wall to terrifyingly crumble down.

"I can just tell you [season 8 is] brilliant. Honestly, there's a couple of things there that's like nothing else that's been seen on telly," he went on saying. "It's been on seven years now, so we've got a good dynamic amongst the actors. It can be slow sometimes because of the detail that goes into it. You're making films basically. It takes time, but the end result is quality television."

Now that Edd is set to appear in the upcoming season, it's safe to assume that at least some men in the Night's Watch survive the carnage in season 7 finale. Fans assume that the sworn brothers will be the first people to go head-to-head against the White Walkers or they will be heading to Winterfell, joining forces with Jon Snow to fight against the long-presumed threat.

Ben's Edd only appeared in one episode in season 7. It was when he opened Castle Black's gate for Meera Reed and Bran Stark in season premiere. He is one of Jon's best friends among the sworn brothers.

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