Park Bo Gum Rumored to Enlist in Military Soon After Completing Physical Exam

The 'Moonlight Drawn by Clouds' actor has just completed physical examination, which South Korean men over the age of 19 usually undergo for mandatory military duty.

AceShowbiz - Is Park Bo Gum going to enlist in military soon? The 24-year-old actor sparks a speculation that he plans to begin his military service in the foreseeable future after he completed physical examination on Friday, November 3.

"Just like any other non-celebrity, he wore the uniform and left after quietly engaging in the exam. As for the results, it cannot be shared as it's personal information," an associate of the Military Manpower Administration confirms.

South Korean men over the age of 19 typically complete a physical examination for mandatory military duty. As for Bo Gum, he reportedly completed the exam after several years of delay, but it's currently unknown if he's deemed qualified to enlist in military.

When asked about Bo Gum's possible enlistment, his agency Blossom Entertainment simply states, "We're currently checking."

At 24 years old, Bo Gum will be starting his military service early, should the report be true. Most celebrities who have debuted their careers in acting or singing didn't enlist until they were in their late 20s.

Bo Gum gained recognition after playing a psychopathic lawyer on 2015's series "Hello Monster". He landed a lead role on tVN's "Reply 1988", which later became the highest-rated drama in Korean cable television history. He rose to international fame through his role as a Joseon Crown Prince on 2016's series "Moonlight Drawn by Clouds".

He, however, recently landed in hot water as he posted on his personal Twitter account an advertisement for a prayer meeting at his church, Jesus Centered Church. He was accused of promoting cult because last year almost all Christian organizations in South Korea claimed the church spread misleading teachings. The church was allegedly urging people in critically ill condition to undergo exorcism instead of getting medical treatment.

Back in February 2016, Bo Gum addressed the controversy, "I am just a regular Christian. I'm a bit disappointed that my church has gotten the spotlight for this." He further explained, "I am not part of a cult or a new world order. If I was, I would have left already."

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