David S. Pumpkins Knocks Bullies Out in 'SNL' Animated Halloween Special

The half-hour special saw a brother and sister heading to a pumpkin patch on All Hallow's Eve before stumbling upon an ugly gourd which was actually enchanted.

AceShowbiz - %cTom Hanks%' David S. Pumpkins returned to "Saturday Night Live" this Halloween after debuting the character last year through a sketch titled "Haunted Elevator" to rave reviews. NBC brought back the fan-favorite character through an animated Halloween special which aired on Saturday, October 28 to much anticipation.

Voiced by the "Forrest Gump" actor, Mr. Pumpkins made a triumphant return along with his sidekick ghouls voiced by %cMikey Day% and former "Saturday Night Live" cast member %cBobby Moynihan%, who returned for the special. The half-hour special explored the backstory as well as answered a number of burning questions about the pumpkin-suited man.

The animated special's narrator, voiced by "Game of Thrones" actor %cPeter Dinklage%, said in the opening, "Who would you say is Halloween Santa? Who is that magical person I mean who embodies the spirit of Halloween?" He continued saying that instead of "a ghost," "vampire," or "a witch on a broom," that magical person was none other than "this jazzed up crazy man in the pumpkin attire."

The special saw Kevin (voiced by Dinklage) and Dotty, a brother and sister, heading to a pumpkin patch on All Hallow's Eve. They later stumbled upon an ugly gourd which was actually enchanted before the quirky man and his bony companions showed up from the ground in an elevator.

It also featured a Pumpkinmobile, a strawberry car which Pumpkins drove. The car, without any doubt, made his appearance even more quirky than it had been. Along with Mr. Pumpkins and his sidekicks, Kevin and Dotty saved the day from bullies. Disguised as the Raincoat Man, the bullies stole candies from the neighborhood's kids.

Hanks debuted the character back in 2016's Halloween sketch on the NBC hit show. Moynihan previously revealed that %cLady GaGa%, who served as the musical guest of the episode, was initially set to make an appearance as Mrs. Pumpkins. "When the doors open and it's just the skeletons, that was originally gonna be us and Lady GaGa," Moynihan explained, describing the sketch. "Instead of us making sex noises, it would be her."

However, the "Bad Romance" songstress opted to drop out from the gig because she wanted to give her sole focus on her musical performance. "Sadly, she wanted to focus on her performance for the show," Streeter Seidell, who penned the script alongside Moynihan and Day, said.

In addition to "The David S. Pumpkins Animated Halloween Special", "Saturday Night Live" brought back the show's best Halloween and horror-themed sketches, including "Hillary Clinton's Halloween Party" which featured special appearance from former President Barack Obama.

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