'The X-Files' Season 11 Brings Back Alien in New Promo

Briefly featured in the teaser, the alien is seen standing against a big window, offering its frightening silhouette as cast by its shadow.

AceShowbiz - FOX has unveiled a new promo for the highly-anticipated season 11 of "The X-Files". Titled "Help Without Trust", the teaser shows Agents Fox Mulder (%cDavid Duchovny%) and Dana Scully (%cGillian Anderson%) joining forces and trying to get help from Skinner (%cMitch Pileggi%).

The 20-minute video sees the two agents being thrust into action-packed adventures, which include a scene where Scully jumps off of stairs and gets choked by someone. Mulder is also featured going head-to-head with Skinner, elsewhere in the teaser.

Also briefly featured in the teaser is an alien. It stands against a big window, offering its frightening silhouette as cast by its shadow. The alien later is seen being injected with an unknown serum with its hands chained to a bed.

The first episode of the six-episode season 11 will invite viewers to delve into Cigarette Smoking Man's (%cWilliam B. Davis%) backstory and reveal his apparent family ties to Mulder. Meanwhile, the second hour is poised to feature a time jump. It will put distance between Mulder and Scully and the events of the season premiere.

The new season will also explore the motive behind one of the most surprising twists in season 10, in which loyal ally Agent Reyes (%cAnnabeth Gish%) admitted her collaboration with the Cigarette Smoking Man. In addition, viewers will be offered a new angle on Mulder and Scully's boss, Assistant Director Skinner.

The original "X-Files" writers, James Wong, Glen Morgan, Darin Morgan and creator Chris Carter, are on board once again. %cRobbie Amell% and %cLauren Ambrose% will reprise their roles as FBI Special Agents Miller and Einstein respectively, with %cBrian Huskey% and %cBarbara Hershey% cast in recurring roles as Reggie and Erika Price.

The new season of the hit sci-fi series comes following the 2016 revival which debuted in January, averaging nearly 16 million viewers across multiple platforms. It marked the most-watched event series among FOX's other revivals, including "24: Live Another Day", "24: Legacy" and "Prison Break" revival.

Season 11 of "The X-Files" is set to premiere in January 2018 on FOX.

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