Emmy Rossum Applauds Jennifer Lawrence, Says She's Fat-Shamed Too by Female Producers

The 'Shameless' actress commends her fellow actress for speaking out loud about the dark sides of Hollywood amid Harvey Weinstein scandal.

AceShowbiz - Emmy Rossum shared her story about getting body-shamed by female producers. The "Shameless" actress also applauded fellow star Jennifer Lawrence who previously told a star-studded Hollywood crowd that she was once asked by a female producer to do a "degrading" nude line-up.

"The last few days I have been blown away by all the women coming forward to share their stories. Ones that feel immediately sadly familiar," she began. "I vacillate between sadness, confusion and outrage. I shake my head at the all too familiar stories of so many different kinds of pressure. I come back to the embrace of a sisterhood that was -- for so long -- quieted... One that now speaks in a full, clear voice without shame."

She recalled, "2005. The day of my first big magazine cover shoot. I am 19 years old. Proud. Excited. Nervous. We shoot all morning. Then break for lunch. Photographer see me put a piece of cake on my plate. Comes over and says 'You're not really going to eat that, are you sweetheart?' I stare at him in defiance. I place a SEONCD piece of cake on my plate. I eat it as I stare him down, daring him to make another comment."

She then commended J. Law, "The story Jennifer Lawrence told about being made to feel not thin enough, not pretty enough, constantly physically compared to others... broke my heart and felt all too familiar. I have had FEMALE producers make comments to me about what I'm putting in my mouth. Things like 'Don't get fat. No one will watch this.' "

"We must look at ourselves. At how we can make our industry kinder, more supportive, of how -- as women AND MEN -- we can build each other up. To be our best selves. A RISING TIDE LIFTS ALL BOATS. We will move forward w/ kindness. We will support & encourage other women, applaud their successes as ours. We will get in the pool & swim and tread water and lift each other up. We will not sit on each others shoulders and hold each other down. I am proud of us. That's all."

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