Journalist Lisa Guerrero Reveals Creepy Audition With Steven Seagal at His Home

The actress-turned-journalist says she lost her chance to appear in Seagal's movie after turning down his request for 'a private rehearsal' and then refusing to come to his dressing room.

AceShowbiz - The Harvey Weinstein scandal started a snowball effect as more and more people working in showbiz industry shared their stories with sexual harassment. After George Clooney was accused of helping backlist his "E.R." co-star for complaining about sexual harassment on the set, journalist Lisa Guerrero revealed a creepy casting couch story about Steven Seagal as she recounted her younger days as an aspiring actress trying to make it in Hollywood.

The Inside Edition correspondent remembered getting a call for her first audition at Seagal's house. Uncomfortable about being alone with the actor at his home, she asked casting director Shari Rhodes to accompany her. According to Guerrero, Seagal answered the door in his robe and "looked surprised" that she brought a company.

The audition lasted for 10 minutes. "He said, 'You're fantastic. You're fabulous,' " she recalled. After Rhodes told her he would call, she didn't waste any time to leave. "I ran out to my car, a piece of crap Nissan on this Beverly Hills street, and I just remember feeling like I dodged a bullet." She said, "Because what if I had gone alone?"

By the time she got home, she received a call from her manager to go back that night for "a private rehearsal." She refused and lost the lead role but was still offered a smaller one, which she accepted. "I was an actor who wanted the credit on my resume and wanted the scene on my reel, so I said yes. It was understood that I would not have to be alone with him," she explained.

"I did the scene. However I felt uncomfortable because he was with these other male cast and crew members giggling and leering at me, like they were having some kind of boys' joke about me. I was the only woman in that vicinity and clearly they were talking about me. Then he came up to me and asked me to go to his dressing room. I was appalled. I must have been bright red. I was humiliated. I was so embarrassed. At this point I'm 31 years old, I'm not 18, but I felt like a child."

Again, she turned Seagal down. "I said no. And he gave me a dismissive look and walked away. My role was completely cut out of the film. I believe it was because I declined his offers three times," she told The Hollywood Reporter in an interview.

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