Amazon Kills Off Robert De Niro and Julianne Moore Project Produced by The Weinstein Company

Amazon is severing ties with with TWC amid Harvey Weinstein scandal, canceling one project and moving forward with another without TWC involvement.

AceShowbiz - Hollywood is cutting ties with The Weinstein Company although founder Harvey Weinstein has been fired after he was exposed as a sexual predator. Amazon scrapped a series produced by TWC after the movie honcho fell from his grace due to numerous sexual harassment allegations made by actresses and female assistants.

The project was supposed to be directed by David O. Russell. It was supposed to mark the first TV series for Robert De Niro. He was initially set to share screen with Julianne Moore. The two stars responded to the cancellation in a joint statement, "We support Amazon's decision as in light of recent news and out of respect for all those affected we have decided together that it is best to not move forward with this show."

Besides the David O. Russell project, TWC developed another series called "The Romanoffs" for Amazon. While Amazon chose to pull the plug on the former, they decided to move forward with the latter, but without TWC involvement. "Amazon Studios no longer plans on moving forward with the David O. Russell Project," a rep said. "As for 'The Romanoffs,' Amazon intends to move forward without the involvement of The Weinstein Company."

The Harvey Weinstein scandal might also cost TWC two movie projects, an adaptation of Lin-Manuel Miranda's Broadway musical "In the Heights" and a Quentin Tarantino documentary. Both Quiara Alegria Hudes who wrote the book for "In the Heights" and Tara Wood who directed "21 Years: Quentin Tarantino are asking to part ways with the studio.

Quiara Alegria Hudes wrote on Twitter, "As a woman, I can no longer do business with The Weinstein Company...I hope The Weinstein Company has enough grace, in the wake of these revelations, to respect my stand as a woman, and to allow us to extricate In The Heights from them. In The Heights deserves a fresh start in a studio where I’ll feel safe (as will my actors and collaborators)."

The "Hamilton" star who penned the music and lyrics for the stage show gave his approval as he tweeted, "As usual, Quiara does the prose best. She speaks for us both."

In a statement to The Hollywood Reporter, Tara Wood said, "As a woman, creator and protector of 21 Years: Quentin Tarantino, TWC should respectfully release us from our deal, to allow the project to be handled with the care and consideration it, Mr. Tarantino, and all the participants deserve. This project has always been in honor of Mr. Tarantino's career, and I don't want to see it caught up in this controversy."

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