Avid 'Rick and Morty' Fan Exchanges Car for a Packet of McDonald's Szechuan Sauce

This zealous fan is eager to get a hold of McDonald's super-limited sauce so he trades his 2004 Volkswagen GTI for a packet of the dipping sauce.

AceShowbiz - McDonald's "Rick and Morty" Szechuan sauce promotion might turn into chaos as many fans couldn't obtain it, but it didn't mean that they would give up. A lot of auctions are taking place on sites, and a woman comes on top as she flips her packet of the dipping sauce for a literal car.

This lucky woman, Rachel Marie, was lucky to be able to be the first in line at a local McDonald's in Michigan and got a hold of the super-limited sauce. Looking at the auctions that were going on for the sauce, Marie originally wanted to trade her packet of sauce for pins or jewelry. However, instead of getting what she wanted in the first place, she managed to get a significantly better trade as an avid fan of the show offered his 2004 Volkswagen GTI for the sauce. Rachel, of course, couldn't turn down the tempting deal.

She wrote on her Facebook page on Saturday, October 7, "Heddi trades? Lol ***UPDATE*** thank you for the insane trade on the VW Golf MK4 for the legendary Szechuan sauce. I hope you get lost in the sauce! CONGRATS DUDE!"

"I didn't even think I was going to get pin offers," Rachel said in an interview. "Then he offered the car."

The Szechuan sauce was first released in 1998 for the promotion of Disney's movie "Mulan". However, after Cartoon Network's adult show "Rick & Morty" brought the sauce back in its season 3 premiere on April 1, the sauce shot to fame again. Many people came to the one-day promotion, only to get upset later when they couldn't get the sauce. The whole incident sparked internet backlash against McDonald's, leading the company to apologize and promise to bring back the sauce.

Meanwhile, auctions are still taking place on auction sites like eBay. A packet of sauce is sold for $10 in general.

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