'Terminator 6' Won't Acknowledge the Events in 'Genisys'

The upcoming Terminator movie is confirmed by Arnold Schwarzenegger to 'ignore' the 2015 movie starring Emilia Clarke and Jason Clarke.

AceShowbiz - Arnold Schwarzenegger teased the timeline of the upcoming "Terminator 6" movie. In an interview with The Terminator Fans, the actor revealed that the next installment would completely disregard the previous one "Terminator Genisys". He said, "It's going to ignore Genisys."

The new movie is referred to as a sequel to 1991's "Terminator 2: Judgement Day". Arnie is set to reunite with Linda Hamilton who originally played Sarah. According to Arnie, she has been training to get in shape ahead of the filming. The original director James Cameron will also be involved in the project as a producer.

Directed by Alan Taylor, 2015's "Genisys" was supposed to be a soft reboot of the franchise after 6 years, but it didn't perform well despite Arnie's return as a reprogrammed T-800. It starred Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor and Jason Clarke as John Connor.

The next one is reportedly the start of a new trilogy. Arnie will be back, but he won't play T-800. Instead, he will portray the human basis for the machine. "Yeah, you got to ask yourself, 'Why did they make these characters look and sound like Arnold? There has to be a reason. So yeah, it has flashed through my mind that there has to have been a prototype," he said in an interview.

"There has to have been a guy who's DNA was harvested from - that they grew the organic outter layer that they grew the Terminator from...and that presumibly was a real person at some point," he added. Now, the question is, did that person have some sort of meaning to Skynet on WHY they chose that one (Arnold)? Or was it like a whole rack of Terminators and the one that happened to be the Arnold model just happened to be closest to the door going out to the time displacement center and all the others looked different? I've asked myself these questions but it's never been resolved...so stay tuned!"

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