Jackson to Skip GOT7's Promotions in Japan Under Doctor's Orders. Is He Okay?

Sony Music says in a statement that the former 'Roommate' star 'needs some resting' after an examination from his doctor.

AceShowbiz - GOT7's fans in Japan won't be able to meet one of their favorite idols in person. It has been announced that Jackson Wang will be absent from the group's planned schedules in the country due to his health condition.

Sony Music, who is in charge of GOT7's promotions in Japan, said in a statement released on Monday, September 4, "Thank you for always supporting GOT7 Jackson. This is an announcement regarding GOT7 Jackson's condition. GOT7's Jackson needs some resting and some time to get back into performing condition."

"After an examination from his doctor, it has been decided that he will not be participating in GOT7's Japanese promotions," it continued. "Excluding special, unique situations - GOT7 will promote as 6 while they are in Japan. Please keep your best wishes and support."

No additional details are released regarding Jackson's health issues. Fans have since expressed their concern about the star's condition. In the comment section of one of Jackson's latest Instagram posts, a fan wrote, "GET WELL SOON JACKSON." Another added, "Get well soon bby please take a rest and come back with a better shape. I love you." Another similar comment read, "Get well Jackson! I'll be waiting for u! But please get all the rest u need."

Jackson recently released his solo single "Papillon". The song ranked first on China's QQ music chart shortly after its release. The success of his solo single later sparked a speculation that he would leave his group to make his solo debut in China.

Assuring fans that he won't be leaving the group, the Hong Kong-born star wrote on Instagram in August, "Stop asking about me leaving GOT7 my lovely people. It's not even a question, homies ride forever, it's not about a contract, it's about a relationship, a friendship, on top of all, a true family."

Meanwhile, GOT7 is gearing up to release a second Japanese mini album "Turn Up", which is set to arrive on November 15.

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