Is She OK? Angelina Jolie Is Battling New Health Crisis

The 'Maleficent' actress is reportedly battling shocking new health crisis following her Bell's Palsy diagnosis.

AceShowbiz - Is Angelina Jolie okay? Rumor has it, the "Maleficent" actress is battling new health crisis following her Bell's Palsy diagnosis. According to a source close to the mother of six, she suffers from varicose veins.

Apart from being unsightly, the veins can reportedly cause life-threatening blood clots for Angie. Sources tell Radar Online that the "Wanted" actress wants the unappealing veins removed through a painful "stripping" procedure so she can wear short dresses again.

"Angie knows 'stripping' the veins will hurt, and she'll be off her feet for weeks. But she's tired of having to cover up all the time," claims the source, "People will have a field day if they ever see how veiny her legs have become! She's really self-conscious about it."

Although Angie is considering the procedure for aesthetic reasons, medical experts have warned her the condition is much more serious. They can have deadly consequences if left untreated.

The source says, "Angie's been told that because she travels by plane so much, those spidery veins could develop into deep vein thrombosis. After all the terrifying health issues she's been through the past few years, that really scared her."

"Angie has so much international travel coming up... She also wants to squeeze in another trip to Cambodia before the end of the year," continues the source, "Her doctors are begging her to make a decision now before she suffers more dire consequences than revealing a couple of unsightly veins on her legs!"

According to Dr. Mark Rayman, medical director of the California-based Beach Cities Vein and Laser Center, Angie should consider "microphlebectomy" instead, especially if she is "trying to preserve her beauty."

"You make tiny little incisions over the bulging varicose veins and take them out through those tiny little skin nicks," Dr. Mark explained, "That's different than stripping, which involves pulling out the entire length of the vein."

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