HyunA Unveils 'Babe' Music Video

The 'Bubble Pop' hitmaker releases her sixth mini album 'Following', which features title track 'Babe'.

AceShowbiz - HyunA releases a music video for "Babe", the title track off her sixth studio album "Following". The music video sees the "Bubble Pop" hitmaker traveling dimension from scene to scene.

"Babe" was created by Shinsadong Tiger and BEOMxNANG while HyunA participated in writing the lyrics. The song is about turning into someone unexpected around the person she likes. Other songs on her new album include "Party (Follow Me)" featuring Wooseok of Pentagon, "Purple" featuring with E'Dawn of Pentagon, "Dart" and "Self Portrait".

In an interview with Star, HyunA says of her new album, "Lately, I've been having a lot of happy thoughts, which is why all of the B-sides on my album are very bright. It's an album that's very focused on who I am."

When asked how she feels about pressure to do well on music charts, the "Trouble Maker" singer replies, "The greater the expectation, the greater the potential disappointment; however, I don't want the people around me to feel that [pressure]...When talking to my staff about [this album] we decided that we wanted to give it our all and show the public everything that we have to show, without holding anything back."

She adds, "In reality, I haven't done anything for my fans. So that's why I'm always more sorry. To me, my fans are the driving force behind why I work as hard as I do and are the reason I can't sleep at night...I want to repay them with better performances and hope that they feel that this album is a present for them."

During a press conference, HyunA explained why she decided to name her album "Following". The former Wonder Girls and 4Minute member said she wanted to tell listeners to believe in her and follow her music.

She shared, "The album is for those who have followed me [throughout my career] and also a way for me to ask listeners to continue to follow and have an interest in my music."

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