Taylor Swift Sends Dozens of Flowers to Company Behind Post-It Notes Outside Courthouse

Taylor Swift Sends Dozens of Flowers to Company Behind Post-It Notes Outside Courthouse

The 'Blank Space' singer has beautiful floral arrangements delivered to a Denver company that was responsible for the supportive post-it notes during groping trial.
Taylor Swift surprised a Denver company with dozens of flowers. The 27-year-old singer had beautiful floral arrangements sent to Craftsy as a thank-you for their support during her groping trial against former radio DJ David Mueller. The company, located across the street from the courthouse, posted Taylor's lyrics and supportive messages on windows during the trial that ended with the star's victory.

The flowers were delivered with a note from the "Blank Space" hitmaker. It read, "Carly and everyone at Craftsy: I could see your messages in the window every single morning I was on trial! Thank you for brightening my day for every day I was in Denver. Love, Taylor."

The company and their staff shared pictures of the flowers on social media. "Supporting creative individuals is what we're all about. @taylorswift we're glad that our window messages brightened your days in Denver just as the flowers you sent are brightening ours!" so the company wrote on their official Instagram.

Carly was the employee who wrote the first post-it note in the window. Many of her co-workers quickly followed in her footsteps. She said in a statement, "We're a group of creative women supporting another creative woman. We've heard from people all over the world who are really grateful that we're offering support to Taylor and creating an empowering space for women."

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"Free Tay" was the first note she posted on the window. The Crafty team said, "when Carly noticed the #TaylorSwiftTrial was happening right across the street from our office last Tuesday, she wrote 'Free Tay!' on the window in sticky notes to show the positive pop star some support. After seeing that the sign was received so well from fans, the whole company got involved, coming up with new lyrics to fill our #BlankSpaceforTaylor each and every day."

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