Arnold Schwarzenegger to Play T-800's Human Prototype in 'Terminator 6'

Arnold Schwarzenegger to Play T-800's Human Prototype in 'Terminator 6'

In the upcoming reboot, Arnie is expected to portray the man that inspired the way Skynet's first cybernetic organism looks.
Arnold Schwarzenegger was confirmed to return for the next installment of "Terminator". The announcement was made by none other than James Cameron, the director of the first two movie who will return to produce the upcoming one.

The helmer/producer teased what to expect from "Terminator 6". Besides serving as a reboot following the lukewarm reception of the previous reboot "Terminator Genisys", it is expectehd to reveal the man that inspired T-800's look.

"Yeah, you got to ask yourself, 'Why did they make these characters look and sound like Arnold?' There has to be a reason," he told The Arnold Fans. "So yeah, it has flashed through my mind that there has to have been a prototype. There has to have been a guy whose DNA was harvested from - that they grew the organic outer layer that they grew the Terminator from...and that presumably was a real person at some point."

"Now, the question is, did that person have some sort of meaning to Skynet on WHY they chose that one (Arnold)? Or was it like a whole rack of Terminators and the one that happened to be the Arnold model just happened to be closest to the door going out to the time displacement center and all the others looked different? I’ve asked myself these questions but it’s never been stay tuned!"

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