'Once Upon a Time': Regina Gets New Name, Hook Has New Career and Rumple Nabs New Persona

'When we meet Hook at the start of this season, he is a uniformed cop in Seattle,' said star Colin O'Donoghue of Hook in the upcoming revamped season 7 of ABC's fairytale drama.

AceShowbiz - It has been known that three returning cast members, %cLana Parrilla% (Regina), %cColin O'Donoghue% (Hook) and %cRobert Carlyle% (Rumplestiltskin), will undergo major shifts under a fresh curse in Hyperion Heights when "Once Upon a Time" returns for season 7. During the show's panel at the Television Critics Association summer press tour, stars and EPs explained how the characters would be different.

Parrilla revealed that Regina would not be going by the name Regina in the revamped season 7. "I don't think her name's Regina and that's cool. I'm no longer in pant suits. I'm in denim and rock T-shirts," she opened up. "When we meet her... she's working in a bar. She's a bar owner. She's a little rough around the edges, not the queen that we're used to."

"She has curly hair. She's looks different, she feels different," she continued. "Like Colin, I've played so many versions of this character, and this one feels really different. All the others were evolutions of the same character... She's no longer in charge, and we've always seen Regina in charge or try to be in charge."

The actress went on saying that Regina wouldn't recognize her son Henry (%cAdam J. West%) in the cursed world. "In that world, when we meet in this other world, we are our cursed selves, so we don't really know each other," she explained. "We actually meet we reunite after many years in a flashback. Regina has not seen this grown man ever before. So she's taken back by that and is finding their relationship now that he's no longer this little boy."

Hook, meanwhile, would embark on a new journey with a new version of him. "When we meet Hook at the start of this season, he is a uniformed cop in Seattle. He's different from any of the 10 other Hooks I've played over the seasons," O'Donoghue dished. "There's a sense of loss there in the guy and I think that he just doesn't know what it is that's missing, so he's striving to find who he is still."

Co-creator Adam Horowitz added that having hooks for hands didn't make Hook less suitable to join Hyperion Heights Police Department. "He does not have his hand," he said. "We do get into 'Wait, why doesn't he have a hand?' That is an excellent question, but yeah, he does not have a hand."

Horowitz further provided some insight into Carlyle's character, Rumplestiltskin. "We're going to find a new persona for Rumplestiltskin in the real world. As always there's a bit of mystery," he revealed. "He looks menacing, doesn't he? There's always that element of menace and mystery. He's involved in many of the goings on in this neighborhood in Seattle. We don't want to say too much of the specifics of it, but it's a lot of fun, and it's another layer and color for Bobby to play."

A new look at Henry's daughter Lucy (%cAlison Fernandez%) was offered through a new "Once Upon a Time" season 7 photo. The girl could be seen donning a red checked shirt underneath her denim jacket. She paired the look with light blue jeans while carrying a thick book in one of her hands. It seemed like she was walking through a school hall.

"Once Upon a Time" returns for season 7 on Friday, October 6 at 8 P.M. on ABC.

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