'The Bachelorette' Recap: Shocking Elimination After Hometown Dates

Rachel Lindsay reciprocates when one of the final four guys tells her he loves her, but eventually sends him packing.

AceShowbiz - It was one of the most dreadful moments on "The Bachelorette" when the star met her future in-laws. In the July 17 episode, %cRachel Lindsay% met each of the final four guys and their parents in their respective hometowns.

She first visited Eric in Baltimore where he grew up. Eric took her to his old basketball court where he introduced her to his good friend Ralph, before he took her to his aunt's home to meet his family. Before parting ways, he told her, "I've never been happy like this. The first time it came to me today I was like: 'Damn, I really love this girl.' "

Next, Rachel went to Miami to meet Bryan's family. Rachel was obviously very smitten with him and they kissed a lot when he showed her around Calle Ocho. Rachel, however, was still nervous about meeting Bryan's mom as he revealed that his previous relationship didn't work out because his ex-girlfriend couldn't compromise with his mother.

Upon being reunited with his mom, Bryan told her that Rachel was "the one." His mom was shocked. When Rachel chatted with his mom Olga, she told Rachel that she wanted to see Bryan happy, and if not, she jokingly said that she would "kill" Rachel. Rachel, however, seemed to pass the test as Olga said that she's ready to give her son away. Bryan later told Rachel that he loved her.

Rachel next headed to Madison to meet Peter and his family. Peter introduced her to his friends before she met his family. Peter's mom reminded Rachel that he might not propose right away, although he's emotionally ready for a commitment.

As expected, Peter held himself back when it comes to professing his love. He didn't say the "L" word as he admitted to the camera, "I want things to move forward with Rachel. But in order to get to that next step, I don't know what that's going to take. I'm not there yet."

Last but not least was Dean, whose hometown is in Colorado. Rachel would be the first girl to ever meet Dean's entire family under one roof, as Dean previously revealed that he grew apart from his father after his mother passed away. Dean was more nervous than Rachel was, but despite his fears, things went relatively well.

Rachel spoke with his father, who practices the religion Sikhism, and that's why he leads a life which is different from most people's. Rachel was open to embracing a new culture and was comfortable when they sat on the floor listening to Dean's father play his gong and eating sprouted mung beans. Dean's father prepared a special gift for them, a pair of feathers which held a special meaning for Dean's late mother.

Things took a turn for the worse after Dean tried to talk with his father about why he abandoned him. Dean accused his father of being stubborn and cutting the family from his life, while Dean's father told him, "You've still got one f***ing foot stuck in the past." Dean said, "I love you, regardless," but his father stormed out of the room.

Rachel found Dean lying on the floor in the living room, looking emotional and nearing tears. She comforted him, during which he said he's falling in love with her. She said she felt the same, which was a shocker.

She told the camera, "I think Dean is amazing. I can't even imagine going through the things that he's gone through and being the person that he is. I mean, it's unbelievable to me. And that's the kind of person I want to be with."

When it's time to send home one of the guys, Rachel said in advance, "To the person that I have to say goodbye to tonight, I'm so sorry and I want you to know that I believe you are an absolutely amazing person. I'm sorry that I have to do this."

The roses went to Bryan, Eric and Peter, which meant that Dean was send packing. Dean was in shock. He told Rachel as she walked him out, "I told you that I was falling in love with you and you said the same thing, so ..." Rachel responded, "I meant that. I meant everything that I said to you, as hard as that may be to feel right now."

Dean told the camera, "For me to come out and say that I'm falling in love - I'm not going to say that for the sake of saying it. I'm going to say it because I mean it. And when she said it, I thought she meant it. I thought I found someone for me. Turns out that the feelings weren't reciprocated. I think she's an incredible woman - I just think that tonight she made a mistake."

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