'So You Think You Can Dance' Season 14 Continues With New York Auditions

Joshep and Huwer from New York hit the stage to perform an incredible mix of flexing and emotional lyrical performance, which sent the duo to The Academy.

AceShowbiz - "So You Think You Can Dance" season 14 continued its search for the best dancer in the country with New York Auditions round 1 in Monday, June 26 episode. A bunch of talented dancers performed before judges Mary Murphy, Nigel Lythgoe and Vanessa Hudgens to get tickets to The Academy.

Kaylee Millis, 18, from Massachusetts hit the stage to perform an athletic contemporary routine which earned her a standing ovation from the panel of judges. Nigel praised Kaylee for bringing an individuality that most other dancers didn't to the competition. Mary said that she loved every second of it and that she oozed with confidence on stage. The judges sent Kaylee to The Academy.

Next performer was Ana Sanchez, 23, who offered a stunning Colombian Salsa number. She danced with Julian Castro who couldn't participate on the competition because he was 31 while the age cutoff is 30. Mary loved her routine, saying that it took so much stamina to do a routine like that before adding that she was blown away when Ana added some tricks into the dance. Ana made it to the next stage.

Koine Iwasaki,19, from Florida received a standing ovation after showing off her fierce, passionate and incredibly powerful contemporary dance. Vanessa was awed by Koine's control and precision, noting that her performance gave her chills. Koine was heading to The Academy.

Next up were Joshep and Huwer from New York. The duo took the stage to perform flexing, a form of dance that originated in Brooklyn and embodies seven parts including pausing, connecting, punchlines, hat tricks, grooving, gliding and bone-breaking. The pair, however, took flexing to another level by mixing it with lyrical performance. The judges all agreed to send Joshep and Huwer to The Academy.

Chaz Wolcott perfectly blew away everyone's mind with his tap dancing. Mary told him that she had never had a tap dancer brought her to tears, while Vanessa told him that there was such an airiness to his performance that it looked effortless. Chaz tapped his way to The Academy.

Darius Reed was determined to get the golden ticket by showing off his movements. Donning red heels, a leopard print coat and bright eye makeup, Darius danced to "Ayo" by Lady GaGa. Although it was a such an entertaining performance, Nigel felt that it was more of a lip sync performance than one showcasing his skills at dance. Darius didn't make it to the next round.

The last performer that night was Ryan Bailey from Maryland. The dance company owner hit the stage to dance contemporary to "Dirty Dancing" theme song, much to Nigel's liking. Nigel said that the performance made him change the way he thought about dance. Mary, meanwhile, said that it was the most bizarre audition they had seen, but there were some really great moves. Despite being called odd, the performance got Ryan Bailey sent to The Academy.

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