Chance the Rapper Apologizes to Dr. Dre for Degrading His Label

The 24-year-old spitter has taken to Twitter to extend an apology to the Aftermath Entertainment founder for 'publicly disrespecting' his label.

AceShowbiz - Although %cChance the Rapper% likes to share his brazen opinions, the rapper still knows when he crosses the line. As an artist who has never signed to a label, Chance parodied major entertainment labels during his "Be Encouraged" tour last April.

The 24-year-old rapper made fun of some massive labels with some modified logos on LED visual when he performed "No Problem". He changed the label names into unflattering titles, such as Sony Entertainment into Phony Entertainment, Def Jam into Don't Join and Aftermath into Can't Do Math.

Chance has now finally admitted his mistake and offered an apology to Aftermath and its founder %cDr. Dre%. He has taken to Twitter to post a series of tweets which find him apologizing for "publicly disrespecting their hard work and contributions to music."

"When I went on the Be Encouraged tour I made LED content to satirize and degrade major labels," the Grammy winner writes. "Made the mistake of including imprints which not only dulled my overall point of trying to uplift artist... But also singled out artist-owned ventures that have only worked to progress the culture."

Chance also shares that Dr. Dre is a valuable artist in the music industry and admits that he has done something terribly wrong. "I set out to empower and I completely mussed the ball and I know that now. Once again, sorry to Dre, all the artists/producers at Aftermath and all the other folk trying to make a difference in music that I belittled," Chance concludes.

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