George Clooney and Amal Hire Bodyguards for Newborn Twins

The new parents are willing to do anything to keep their twins safe and hire a pair of bodyguards to protect them at all times.

AceShowbiz - George Clooney and his wife Amal want to make sure that their newborn twins, Alexander and Ella, are always safe. The new parents have allegedly hired a pair of bodyguards for $3.18 million to protect their children.

The "Ocean's Thirteen" star is said to be feeling a bit overprotective over his newborn children because he had to wait for a long time to become a father. "Fatherhood was a long time coming for George so he's not risking his brood coming to any harm," a source tells Daily Star. The security guards will reportedly accompany the family during outings and take turns to protect the nursery.

Besides hiring bodyguards for the twins, George and Amal also spent a lot of money to make their house comfortable for Alexander and Ella. "He and Amal have really spoiled the twins. There's been so much work done on the house ready for them," the source shares.

George is said to have spent $2 million to install a Simon Horn nursery suite and make the pad safe for babies. He spent another $1.27 million to install a network of motion sensors and lasers to protect his mansion in Sonning, Berkshire. A two-man team will monitor the property.

Amal gave birth to Alexander and Ella last week. George's father Nick Clooney praised his daughter-in-law and gushed over his grandchildren. "Amal, who is Super Woman, she is just amazing," Nick said. "The babies are beautiful, of course, she's beautiful. She was telling us last week that she is as big as a house. Of course, for her, that's a very small house. But, she's great."

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