Jay-Z Hints at New Album With Mysterious '4:44' Tidal Ads

The 'Empire State of Mind' spitter sparks speculations about new album as the cryptic ads have been all over New York City and several music sites on Internet.

AceShowbiz - Will Jay-Z release new album soon? The 47-year-old rapper has sent fans into frenzy with a cryptic message that simply reads "4:44". The mysterious Tidal-affiliated advertisement has sparked speculations about his new album as it has appeared on some random places in New York City and hip-hop oriented online music sites.

While some some people take the ads as a hint for new music from Jigga, some fans consider the message as a way for the rapper to honor his wife Beyonce Knowles. The couple are notable fans of number 4. Queen Bey and Jigga were both born on the fourth date of December and September respectively. Additionally, their daughter Blue Ivy's middle name was reportedly inspired by the Roman numeral letters that represent number 4.

The mysterious ads can also be a sign of the follow-up to Jigga's latest album "Magna Carta... Holy Grail", as the next July 4 will be the fourth anniversary of the set release. The most recent Jay-Z's appearance was on Frank Ocean's "Biking".

Although it is still unclear whether Jigga will release a new album in the near future, he surely makes his way back to music after his prolonged hiatus. He recently signed a touring deal with Live Nation which is reportedly worth $200 million. The rapper has also announced his appearance on a number of festivals this year.

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